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MI Ken teaches Tai Chi. HI Ravi at the head of the class.
Working balance and coordination.

Tai Chi : Pakua/Bagua : Qi Gong : Weapons : Meditation

Energy : Flexibility : Strength : Improved Circulation : Stress Relief

The Martial Arts Center offers classes for all ages. Tai Chi is available to people of all ages and abilities. The benefits of Tai Chi are an increase in energy, increased flexibility, overall strength development, improved circulation and a new way to manage and control breathing, creating stress relief and control.

The Tai Chi program is taught by experienced instructors combining chi gung breathing with Tai Chi Chung to offer all students a better understanding of their own bodies. Moving meditation and concentration are also skills focused on in each lesson.

Each student receives individual attention in each lesson, this allows all students to progress according to there own ability and understanding and still provide a group atmosphere.

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